Solutions in
Artificial Intelligence,
Big Data and IoT.

We are the benchmark in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, technologies that are revolutionizing the routine of Industry and Service organizations, generating process optimization, high-level insights for decision making and greater profitability.
Founded in Brazil in 2010, and currently present throughout Latin America, Semantix develops innovative and disruptive solutions for the exponential growth of your business.


The Company

Semantix is a reference company in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, developing Data Driven solutions for organizations in all Industry sectors, generating insights for more assertive decision making, optimizing processes and increasing profitability and client satisfaction. We provide products and solutions using complete and ready-to-use Big Data and Artificial Intelligence platforms.

We operate in all phases of a Big Data project (end-to-end), always focusing on adding value to our clients. We deliver the highest value in the shortest timeframe.



Organize information in search of disruptive data products that generate value, innovation and digital transformation.


Be a reference in the market, leading companies and people to the
Data Driven model.


People first, passion for what we do, inspiration, freedom with responsibility, collaboration and innovation.