Semantix AIJUS

AIJUS collects data from courts, integrating the history of the existing legal database, delivering the most advanced Artificial Intelligence solution comprising researches, financial calculation, forecasts and recommendations. It is easily integrated with legal market software and offers effective management of third party offices.


Understand the platform

  • AIJUS collects and updates data from the Customer’s internal base, combining numerous sources for value creation.
  • AIJUS has web-crawlers that capture information on judicial and administrative processes, in the vast majority of State and Federal Courts, in addition to environments such as e-CAC (online taxpayer service center) and DTE (electronic tax domicile)
  • The construction of Data Lake allows the user to access sanitized and enriched information, allowing for in-depth analysis in the legal–corporate scenario, in order to allow for more optimized management

Data Driven Law

By parameterizing the data, the AIJUS Artificial Intelligence models calculate the probability of success of a given claim, anticipating the best strategy for conducting the lawsuit.


After structuring the data, the AIJUS algorithm predicts the compatibility of individualized composition by lawsuit, allowing the user to view the best cases for agreement.


After structuring the data, the solution calculates Estimated Time of Lawsuit Duration, allowing the user to anticipate the financial volume that will be spent on offices, for example.


Immediately after sanitizing the data, the user will be able to see which petitions appear together more frequently in the database, generating insights for operational improvements.


Greater added value

AIJUS identifies patterns and extracts useful information from a set of raw data, offering greater value to the customer.

  • Volume of processes by: year of distribution, Court, Circuit, and judicial district
  • Intelligent search in the process base
  • Court efficiency data
  • View of the portfolio of active and closed cases
  • Petitions by case
  • Details of the parties of the case
  • Instance for closing cases
  • Case developments
  • Case-related overviews

Are you ready to see how Semantix can make your business even smarter?