Semantix Health helps healthcare organizations throughout the data-driven transformation journey, through the implementation of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence solutions and services.

Working collaboratively with centers of excellence and major players in the Health market, we build products that drive the transition to Value-based Healthcare by providing smart technologies and qualified Health Data Science services.

We generate valuable insights for the entire Health ecosystem: Hospitals, Plan Operators, Diagnostic Laboratories, and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Our Big Data platform guarantees the security, performance and high availability of data, in addition to providing features that facilitate the protection of individuals’ privacy and the connection of information from different databases.

Our specialized services are focused on:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Treatment Management
  • Value-Based Remuneration

The evolution of technology has allowed us to develop and deploy efficient solutions aimed at the legal market, making lawyers’ routines more strategic and allowing greater control and adoption of preventive measures.

Semantix, with expertise in techniques of Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, has developed solutions for this universe.

  • Financial Efficiency
  • Predictive Analyses of Results
  • Strategic Management of Lawsuits

Artificial Intelligence for B2C & B2B Online Retail, with expertise in Cloud, API and BIG DATA structures. Tailored projects, commercial and operational management solutions.

Our goal is to deliver an incredible sales experience to our customers, making their daily lives more streamlined and less bureaucratic, thereby optimizing and reducing their financial and operational costs.

  • Information flow mapping.
  • Development and maintenance of web system.
  • System development.

With the trend towards digitalization of services, this variety is just the beginning.

To benefit from this immense amount of information, large companies are investing in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to capture and analyze different data sources, create predictive models, and simulate market events;

  • Sentiment analysis: monitoring of social media, monitoring of trends, global perception of the brand.
  • Real-time analysis to identify suspicious activities and issue alerts of risk situations
  • Customer segmentation for personalized offers, developing tailored products and recommendation services by customer.

The main feature of Industry 4.0 is the growing increase in automation in all processes, digitalization and use of networks, and miniaturization with increasingly smaller devices, but with high performance for solving problems.

Implementation of these concepts involves the adoption of techniques such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, and Data Analysis.

Semantix offers Industry 4.0 solutions for data capture, management and processing to streamline the execution of actions, resulting in increased yields and productivity.

  • Prediction of machine shutdown.
  • Optimization of logistics and supply chain.
  • Quality control in production time.
  • Prediction of production failures.
  • Production planning with a focus on efficiency.

Are you ready to see how Semantix can make your business even smarter?