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27 April 2021

With the huge challenge of developing the design of the technology is fast, secure, and scalable support to integrate your new app for your platform, and dozens of other operating systems, the Wine you found in the LinkApi by Semantix is a complete solution for API's and integrations to make your technology environment, and to launch it in just 3 months.

The all-new app to see more of the signature wines of the world, has been the key to further leverage the company's growth, and now it is

the connecting channels, both online and offline with the help of the LinkApi by Semantix.

About the Wine

More than one e-commerce, which is a technology-driven company. Over the course of their more than a dozen years of history, and of the Wine, he has built his brand based on technology and innovation, thereby consolidating its position as the biggest club in the signature wines of the world, and breaking down barriers in the market for soft drinks.

Founded in 2008, and the Wine is born, fully online, and did not dare to invest in the wine, in the country of the beer, and it has already received a number of awards such as the Best team in the Signing of a Product, and also as a
the best of digital initiatives of the brazilian in the category-store for the Prize of the Academy of iBest.

The purpose is to connect people with the passion for wine, the Wine has a variety of products ranging from the club's signature stores (known as spaces on the experiences, rewards programs, website content and e-commerce.

The strategy of the business

As the largest wine club in the world, with the company's strategy is all centered on its members, with a
the model of subscriptions, recurring in the form of multi-channel. The company has adopted a model of resources, purchase wine directly from the producers, and the handing over of more than 5 thousand cities.

In addition to the Club's Wine of the e-commerce in -, and application-Wine Wine, which is available on the App Store and google Play Store, the Wine also has its physical space.

After eleven years, only in the online environment, you are creating in the space of the experience, and hard for his clients. There are 8 in total, all for the St. Paul (3), Belo Horizonte, Recife, Campinas, Curitiba, and Porto Alegre, brazil.

The tecnologiana Wine

In 2018, the Wine had a team of technology is very robust, and it followed the traditional model of management. However, since 2019, it has adopted the model of the squads for the project, and the first squad of the app.

Today, the company has 94 employees at the time of the technology's distributed in the various squads, as a club, stores, products, and application, one that only cares for the employees.

With an architecture that is turning all the apps, the cloud and micro-services for you, including dozens of applications for both internal and external, connecting your technology with the use of API's in a managed way, it is a necessity of the Wine.

The challenge

To launch the app in no time and is fully integrated with the platform

All kind of integration and service has always been very difficult from the point of view of technological efforts to build a new project, impacting directly with the delivery period, in addition to the demand for a robust environment for the servers.

When the Wine has decided to launch an app that would connect with their users on their platform, aiming to improve the user experience, and customer retention, the chief technology officer of the company, Clayton Realized it needed to design a project from scratch, which would include the design of the APIs that are both scalable and performance-based, which allows
in the data usage of different parts of the chain, such as inventory management, contractors, sales, retail shops and requests of the customers.

As the chief technology officer, Clayton has the responsibility for maintaining and improving the environment, technology, Wine, whether from the point of view of external users, such as customers and other stakeholders, as well as internal users, such as employees.

When she began to assemble in the design of the app, he realized that he would have to build a robust architecture of APIs in a secure, standardized, scalable, and is being monitored, in order to have a proper management of the flow of data, as well as to make the connectivity of the entire ecosystem of the application.

The Problem

The main problem for this challenge, it was time to get an app ready for the launch. Clayton commented on what a project like this, it would take a lot of time for it to be delivered in the case of the APIs in the application to be built by a team of wireless technology is a tool.

In addition, in order to build an architecture that is robust set of APIs that consume the data from the platform in a controlled, monitored, and secured, it would be necessary to expand the team, and the cloud infrastructure of the company.

It was then, at the beginning of 2019, the Wine, picked up the LinkApi, with the aim of enabling the building to the design of the APIs in a modern, scalable, flexible, and easy-to-manage.

The biggest challenge was to launch the application, even in the year 2019 and, for this reason, it was necessary to provide a framework for APIs that would allow them to consume the data from the platform of the orders, inventory, customers, vendors, invoices, the calculation of shipping, and the tracking of shipments.

All integration-relates to the platform, and, for this reason, it is a question that is central to the Wine. The construction of architectures for complex integrations has always been a slow, labor-intensive, and to make its management has become a critical and fundamental to the business.

The team has already made the use of a tool for the integration of the time, however, offer very little to speed up the process of building and managing APIs, in addition to having a long and steep learning curve.

Because of this, considered even to build everything in-house. According to Clayton, in order to build a robust architecture of the APIs, it was necessary not only to increase the infrastructure for the servers, such as the hiring of new people to the team.

“A project like this would take at least eight months to be delivered. We didn't have that time, and correríamos the risk of a failure in the integration, not only do you have the management of the APIs made easy.”

How to LinkApi by Semantix has helped to transform the strategy of the business, as well as the launch of the new app

When the team of the Wine and work on a platform with LinkApi, all the time
the technician verified that the tool is offered for ease of use, which agilizaria throughout the entire process
the creation of gateways, APIs, being able to climb, not only to the APIs that are in the app, but it's also the
the ecosystem of the Wine.

In addition to this, they had a fully dedicated on the project. According To Clayton:

“We are focused on delivering the project, and the LinkApi it wasn't possible, as it allowed us to scale the
the construction of the design of the APIs in a secure manner, and modern, a mere three months.”

How to LinkApi by Semantix has been instrumental in the design

The platform LinkApi by Semantix, it is possible to create and use components in any of the
the type of data source, such as databases, web services, and applications representational state transfer (REST, please
the other.

The platform that offers the tools that have helped the team in the Wine to make
authentication: APIs and SDKs, you have helped to build this
focus on other projects.

Thus, the LinkApi by Semantix made a decisive contribution to the productivity of the
the staff and the acceleration of a strategic project for the company. It is
The Wine got better hands-on experience of its true purpose:
connect to people by sharing their passion for wine!

The differences which are decisive for the LinkApi by Semantix

When it comes to choosing a tool that could provide a solution for all of your aches and pains in the project on the LinkApi by Semantix and offered in a SaaS or on-hiring immediately, with a team of specialists to give you with the support you need with a tool that is totally a must-friendly, and, for this reason, a low-curve

Once you have made a proof-of-concept in one week and you already get good results, in the
The Wine has chosen to hire for the LinkApi by Semantix.

In the words of the chief technology officer, “it was the right decision” for the hiring of all staff in the LinkApi by Semantix has been involved with the design, catering to the specific demands of your Wine, providing the training and support that will allow the tech team to accelerate the learning process and increase your productivity.

Your use of the LinkApi by Semantix has gone far beyond the design of the application. Today, the Wine manages all the employees are required not only for the application, but to the entire ecosystem of your platform. All of the employees, with more than 300 in total, there have been migrated to the LinkApi, and all of the new integration is built directly into the platform.

Key benefits with the use of the LinkApi by Semantix

  • The platform user-friendly for developers (devfriendly), with a low learning curve;
  • The increase in productivity in the construction and maintenance of api's, and integrations (and, consequently, the reduction of financial costs);
  • The more visibility and greater control of the integration with analytics and monitoring of the logs;
  • The greater the speed the construction of the APIs and the integration of complex.
  • The platform is scalable, with the convenience and flexibility for your development.
  • Architecture, Engineering the most efficient manner;
  • The tools that make it easy to develop, and authentication APIs;
  • Training and support from a team of expert; the APIs;

The entire ecosystem of the Wine-based APIs for integration between the platform and a gateway to the payment platform and ERP; ERP and WMS; SUPPORT and scooters, from the first point of contact on the web site or app, up until the arrival of the product at the client's home by means of the tracking systems and the notes to the financial statements.
Everything is integrated in a fast, consistent, and safe and secure, with the management, facilitated by the LinikApi by Semantix.

Our analytics provide greater visibility and monitoring with an accurate analysis of the log data is essential to consolidate the views of the servers, services, and applications.


As the employees make an impact in your business strategy

Build up and manage integrations that are critical to the technology-driven transformation of the company, generating a direct impact on their delivery of services and, consequently, on the part of its business strategy.

For the Wine, and the employees have always been a critical issue, due to the complexity of their architectures, APIs, and with the high demand from the time of their development, the high cost of the infrastructure, and the difficulties in its management. Because of this, they sought a technology solution for agile, which would greatly simplify complex operations, and api integrations.

The Wine had already searched for other solutions in the market without a lot of success, especially through the bad experience in the use of the tool. The LinkApi by Semantix, the company has won the most productive for your team, the greater the control and management of its employees in a safe and quick, leaving you with the time-of-free technology to develop solutions that really matter for your business.

In this way, it was able to launch an application in a fully integrated and connected to all the corners of the park, offering an experience that is multi-channel and it's even more amazing to your customers.

In practice, the LinkApi has contributed to improve the user experience, and to heal the pain of the customer's Wine, which is to pick up your wine at just the right moment, and the present, where the consumer is. Now, either in-store, online, and in the experiences of the partner making the request, and the payment is directly through the
the application and choose a way to pay is already registered on the system.

The LinkApi is proud to have been a decisive contribution to the transformation and growth of more than signatures of the wine in the world! Count on us to transform your business!



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