Smarter Sales

Artificial Intelligence for B2C & B2B omnichannel online sales, with expertise in Cloud, API and BIG DATA structure. Tailored projects, commercial and operational management solutions.
Our goal is to deliver an incredible sales experience to our customers, making their daily lives more streamlined and less bureaucratic, thereby optimizing and reducing their financial and operational costs.

Mapping of information flow, development and maintenance of web system and systems development:
– Information Flow
– Big Data
– Corporate Architecture of Information systems

Omnichannel solutions for e-commerce and physical stores.

  • Integration with the CIELO and REDE payment systems, bills with Bradesco and Itaú, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.
  • Native integration with main marketplaces: E-commerce platform, B2B and system for sales representative, with electronic catalog in Excel and PDF.

More management options and results.

  • Unlimited Growth: Unlimited orders, unlimited products, unlimited SKUs, unlimited page views, and unlimited users.
  • Platform for customer relations retail, product subscription club, marketing campaigns; loyalty programs;
  • APP: App for iOS and Android for the commercial project that engages salespeople and another app for the Fast Club;
  • APIs: Integration with native APIs and resources, encrypted access and control of your data, integration with systems (ERP, WMS, CRM, etc.).

Global Platform


Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud hosting, Windows Data Center virtual machine, SQL Server database



Continuous security testing (penetration testing and security scans), cloud-based DDoS protection, SSL, PCI certification, and SOC 2 compliance; maintaining certification with payment connectors; minimize the risk of breaches of data that depend on a solution compatible with GDPR, WAF (Web Application Firewall)



ERP integration with the platform, automatically synchronizing all orders, product registrations, inventory, prices, people (customers, representatives, suppliers, carriers, branches, etc.), managing all B2C, B2B and Marketplace operations



Solution for managing omnichannel orders – collection points, pick-up store, ship-from-store, payment or reservation, various delivery methods for ordering, check-out, customer service. Business rules for inventory targeting and location, customer clustering



Online wholesale store with the Contractor’s own domain, multi-company/branch inventory, product catalog/inventory in real time, payment method via commercial policy (letter of agreement, credit card, mobile app, or bill), logistics and financial control panel, apps like top-selling products, quick order, promotional combos, grouping customers by network, customer segmentation by product type, multi-platform (responsive) system


Data Discovery

Business Intelligence system, with views of wholesale, retail and e-commerce sales, billing, inventory, customers, products, purchases, cancellations, returns, etc., allowing the end user to develop reports through an easy-to-use interface and friendly nomenclatures, generating pre-formatted Excel spreadsheets for pivot tables and graphs; this module is available to representatives, internal users, stores and customers, allowing you to configure the exclusive access of the set of information right down to the views



Integration with market solution for handling B2B and B2C orders; ClearSale



System for product life management, starting with product creation and integrating it with ERP until product billing and after sales, technical sheet with management of sales and production photos, technical product specifications such as measurements, sizes, weight, etc., structure to support the online fitting room



Utilities and systems for various areas of the company that support daily routines, such as generation of EDI with carriers, printing out route labels and packlist, generating bills and reservations, KPI spreadsheets integrated with ERP, system for reviewing inventory and costs, automatic upload of batch photos to sales platforms, automatic and daily sending of emails with sales position, royalty contracts, updated inventory for wholesale customers, integration with SAP New Era, management of merchandising contracts, robot for B2B and B2C (automatic email shots of expiring order alerts, retargeting, birthday voucher, system alerts and warnings), jobs in the LINX database to automate or correct information, retail system with outlet views, company-owned stores and franchises with KPIs on margin, minimum inventory and brand distribution, group, type, price, size and inventory restocking.


Architecture and Management

On-demand cloud sizing and scalability, load balancing and network traffic protection, management and backups of software and data


Payment Gateway

Integration with CIELO for credit and debit card payments, with Bradesco for bills, mobility solutions such as Apple, Samsung and Google Pay


Print Hub

Integration with major carriers, printing of delivery labels and management of invoice/customer data


Admin Suite

Administration module of basic registrations for products, customers, etc., configuration of the commercial policy, electronic catalog, platform parameterization; price management; order management (cancellations, changes, approvals, etc.



Virtual retail store with the Contractor’s own domain, B2C digital commerce apps, product recommendations and connectivity with social networks, integration with marketplaces, virtual assistant (chat bot), virtual fitting room, multi-company / branch inventory, centralizing the consumption of inventories, integration with inventory of physical stores (including franchises), operational control panels for logistics (picking, packing, delivery, management, and KPIs) and financial (release of orders with payment confirmation (bill), credit card, etc.), multi-platform system (responsive)


Sales Portal

Sales platform for representatives, inclusion and maintenance of pre-sale orders (future inventory) and ready delivery, online catalogs in Excel and PDF with real-time inventory, multi-company / branch inventory, customer registration and financial position, form of payment via commercial policy (letter of agreement, credit card, mobility, or bill for payment), customers grouped by representatives, with the possibility of configuring product/inventory viewing levels, multi-platform system (responsive)



System for internal users and sales representatives, SAC management, sales reports and KPIs, goals, data for decision making, tools for direct order maintenance, customer and order queries, management of calendars and activities



Platform for wholesale customers to access the system that assists in preparing the product-return invoice, selecting the invoices for billing, products available by EIN, calculation of taxes, commercial approval flow, sending and registering the processes by email


Robots Marketplace

Automation of order synchronization, products, inventory, photos, etc., with marketplaces (Mercado Livre, Amazon, Google, B2W, Netshoes, Dafiti, Centauro, Magazine Luiza)



Product planning by collection, definition of costs, taxes, royalties, generation of purchase orders, virtual grid that allows you to create extra options in addition to the standard grid, making it more flexible to serve regions by product type, smaller customers, sales scheduling, product management



Smarter Sales is a solution developed under our OpenGalaxy Big Data Platform


Support for decision making based on AI and 100% Big Data infrastructure, ensuring high data volume and high performance.


Automation of the internal flow of commercial process, with rules and conditions per customer / EIN or store chain.


Semantix Pay


Native integration with carriers and logistics hubs


12 Marketplace


Support for AI-based customer service decision making and management


Multi-company or unified inventory to serve all channels simultaneously

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