Dear collaborators, shareholders, customers, and partners:
30 de dezembro de 2021

While writing this year-end letter, memories pass through my brain like a movie. As a leader, I focus on things to come and make use of past experiences as tools for defining the future.

Today, more than ever, I think about the significance of Semantix, to whom we serve, and how to impact positively billions of lives with data worldwide. The pandemic of the past couple of years has further strengthened our sense of responsibility to help people make life-saving and game-changing decisions through data, make data easier to use and more accessible and contribute to a stronger and more equitable economy.

As Founder and CEO of Semantix, I am proud of the achievements made by a team of over 500 collaborators in Brazil and abroad in 2021. We had a year of stellar growth and gained 137 new customers. Moreover, thanks to tremendous efforts over the past few months, a dream is coming true: the imminent public listing of the company at the premier tech stock exchange in the world, Nasdaq. Semantix is to become the first real tech Brazilian company to be listed in the USA, and the first Latin American tech company to become public through a SPAC merger on a transaction with Alpha Capital Acquisition Company under the ticker STIX.

We are moving to the new domain, preserving our original values and mission, but with a global reach and an expected market cap of 1 billion dollars. Through the public listing, we will receive a significant capital infusion to accelerate organic and inorganic growth, gain global awareness and liquidity at a lower cost of money, and higher attractiveness for employees and acquisition candidates.

Semantix time is NOW!

Our plans for the coming year are ambitious as the demand for our technology grows throughout all business segments. Analysts indicate as top technology trends for 2022 Cloud-Native and Data Platforms, Low-Code / No-Code Solutions, AI Engineering, Total Experience, and Decision Intelligence, among others. Interestingly, all these technologies and many other features are already included in our data platform, SDP, indicating we are building a unique company poised to scale globally and deliver value to a category that will grow the most during the next decade.

We do have ambitious plans for SDP, Semantix’ core product, to continue boosting the digital transformation of the business performance of various vertical markets, replicating the same model we already crafted for the financial, retail and health sectors.

Furthermore, I can share with you that we are one of the first companies in Latin America to invest in quantum computing. This technology, I believe, will be the next global wave, adding even more value to our platform and driving our customers and our entire ecosystem to great results.

We are aware of our strengths, our path, and our goals. We count on the best professionals in the market working to transform the world in a simple and agile way and continue driving our shared purpose, which is to impact billions of lives with data.

My sincere thanks and gratitude to each and every one,

Leo Santos.

Leonardo Santos


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